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August 24, 2008
The administrators are once again back to ensure that the website continues to get regular weekly updates so please ensure you keep an eye on our developments.

December 22, 2007
V: The Second Generation is currently going through some improvments and we hope to have them completed very soon. Please check back regulary for any updates, thanks.

V: The Second Generation

Welcome to my V The Second Generation fan site. This site is not limited to information about the new V novel rather it is a fan site of all that is V. Input from all V fans is welcome so please enjoy your visit to my site and feel free to provide any feedback as I hope that it will assist the site in developing further. The site will be updated regulary with information on the V phononemon whether old or new.

About this site
I started watching V back in the 1980's when it first came out and was automatically hooked. I remember both myself and my brother use to watch it religiously and even to the point that there were many sleepless nights watching episodes over and over again. Ok so some of the scripting wasn't the best I had ever seen but the concept was fantastic. I began looking for everything I could find to do with V, (that was affordable), but with being from the UK the merchandising options were limited. I have spent years collecting all sorts of V memorabilia and my first item was the Diana 5 inch figure I came across whilst on holiday in Spain..
This site is created using Macromedia Dreamweaver and incorporates, Java and CSS scripting as well as Flash Macromedia. Feel free to link to this site and I will be more than happy to add link requests from other V sites.

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